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Two new collaborations

To continue advancing towards our goals of improving patient health via integrated genomic and phenotypic data, the Monarch Initiative has begun two new, exciting collaborations.

Dr. David Osumi-Sutherland and Dr. Helen Parkinson, Head of Molecular Archival Resources at EMBL-EBI, are delighted to announce the beginning of a new collaboration between the EBI and the Monarch Initiative.

This collaboration will focus on integration of systematic phenotyping data from model organisms and biosamples, improvement of patient diagnosis using more deeply integrated model data, and improved rigor of semantic data integration for invertebrates, neural connectivity data, behavior, and molecular phenotypes. The Monarch team has collaborated with Drs. Parkinson and Osumi-Sutherland over many years on a variety of projects such as the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium and the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health, and we are very excited to have funding from the NIH Office of the Director…