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Monarch Initiative website is Live!

Today is the first official release of the Monarch Initiative website. After years of research to develop the methods to computationally compare phenotypes across species and facilitate the interpretation of disease-gene associations, we are proud to finally see the fruits of our labor brought to fruition. We now have a portal and widget to search, explore, and compare the phenotypic links between diseases, genes, phenotypes, and animal models.Our modest start includes phenotype data linked to genes and diseases from the following sources: HPO, OMIM, MGI, ZFIN, NCBI Gene, Panther (orthologs), BioGrid (interactions), and KEGG (pathways). Ensuring the integrity of the data, while time-consuming and laborious, is of utmost importance. We will continue to add more sources over time, targeting both large databases, as well as boutiques that cater to very specific data types. Stay tuned for announcements of new data when they are added.