Thursday, April 10, 2014

Monarch at AMIA TBI, Apr 7-9 2014, San Francisco

Ongoing research from the Monarch Initiative was presented by Nicole Washington at AMIA Joint Summits on Translational Bioinformatics 2014.
  • Podium presentation in session TBI19: Phenomic Analysis and Interpretation: Improving the Translation of Model Organism Research into Disease Diagnostics.

    Summary: In order to determine the underlying mechanism of a disease, animal models can often elucidate the biological underpinnings of the phenotype. We present our findings on the distribution, significance, and information characteristics necessary to enable translation of model organism research into disease diagnostic clinical applications using an ontological approach.

  • TBI Poster presentation on Visualizing clinically similar phenotypes

    Summary: Numerous tools for exploring diagnoses rely on the ability to compare clinical phenotypes across patients. These inquiries can be further enhanced with comparative phenotypes from animal models. Here we present novel semantic visualization methods to aid clinical phenotyping through the incorporation of cross-species data.